7 Days Croissant Cake

7 days croissants cake

7 Days Croissant Cake is very simple and very tasty cake. You can make it whenever you want to eat something sweet and you don’t have a lot of time for baking. 7 Days Croissant Cake is also great when you need some quick dessert  because it needs only two hours to cool down in the fridge and it is ready to be served. In this  recipe amount of ingredients are for a big cake (30 cm/11,5 inches diameter), but if you want to make a smaller cake (diameter 26 cm/10 iches) just halve the ingredients. 7 Days Croissants Cake is great and you must try it!


1.5 l of milk

24 tablespoons of sugar 

10 tablespoons of corn starch

2 vanilla pudding powder

300g of butter

200g icing sugar

300g lady fingers biscuits

2 small packages 7 days mini croissants

250g Nutella

100g dark chocolate

250g heavy cream

little bit of milk for dipping biscuits


Mix  corn starch and vanilla pudding powders with 300ml of milk. Cook the other 1200ml of milk  with 24 tablespoons of sugar and when it begins to boil remove it from heat and stir  mixture of corn starch and vanilla pudding in it. Put it back on low heat and cook until you get a solid mixture. Remove from the heat and put it away to cool down.

When the mixture is cooled down, add softened butter in it and mix well with mixer. Divide mixture into two equal parts. First part stays the same and in the second part of the mixture add melted dark chocolate. Dip each lady fingers biscuit and spread it on the bottom of the round pan.

7 days croissant cake - lady fingersCover it with a 1/3 of the chocolate mixture. Put all the yellow mixture over it and spread 7 days mini croissants over the yellow mixture.

7 days croissant cake - croissantsPut the rest the of chocolate mixture over the croissants. Melt nutella on low heat and pour it over the cake.

7 days croissant cake - nutella

Put whipped cream on the whole cake and decorate as you wish. Leave it in a refrigerator for 2 hours and serve chilled.

7 days croissant cake - served

Bon appetit!

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