Bee hives

Bee hives

Bee hives are cute little cookies that are not only cute but they have an irresistible taste also. In making these cookies you do not  have to use the oven so that makes their preparation simple and fast. From amount of ingredients in my recipe you can get about 40 cookies so they are excellent to make for occasions when you are expecting a lot of guests. These cookies can also stay for a long time and they get even tastier after few days.

Ingredients for cream:

1 whole egg

2 yolks

100g of sugar

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

200ml of milk

2 tablespoons of flour

2 tablespoons of cocoa

100g of butter


Take 50ml of milk and add one whole egg, 2 yolks, cocoa and flour in it.  Stir well and then put it away. Take 150ml of milk and add sugar and vanilla extract. Put milk with sugar and vanilla extract to cook until it boils. Then remove from the heat and stir mixture of milk, egg, yolks, cocoa and flour in it. Take it back on low heat and stir until you get a firm mixture. Put it away to cool down. When the mixture is cooled mix softened butter in it.

Ingredients for the hives:

2 egg whites

250g icing sugar

200 g ground walnuts

150 g Petit beurre biscuits

3 tablespoons of Rum

40 pcs communion wafers


If you do not have communion wafers, cut regular tort wafer with mold into small circles in the size of the hives. You will need 40 pieces.

Take walnuts and grind them in a blender. Put the Petit beurre biscuits in a sturdy bag and crush them with a rolling pin (like in the recipe for Bajadera cake).

Mix the egg whites until you get a strong snow while constantly and slowly adding icing sugar. When you get a strong snow, add ground walnuts and crushed Petit beurre biscuits and mix manually. Form little balls from that mixture and roll every ball into icing sugar.

Bee hives balls

Plung the mold for the hive in icing sugar .

Bee hives mold

Take one ball and press it with finger in the mold. Leave small hole in the  center of the ball for the filling.

Bee hives filling the mold

Fill the decorating bag with cream and fill the hole in the hive with it.

Bee hives filling the cream

Close the hole with wafer.

Bee hives closing the hive

Turn the mold and gently tap it two or three times on the desk for hives to come out of the mold.

Bee hives empty the mold

Do the same procedure until you spend all the balls. Serve the hives with cup of coffee or with brandy.

Bee hives sliced

Bon appetit!

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