Icy wind cake

icy wind cake

Icy wind cake is one of the recipes that everyone must try to make. Lightweight crust of egg whites combined with cream and fruit, perfection! I usually make Icy wind cake with strawberries but you can put  blueberries, raspberries, currants or a combination of many types of fruit. This cake is very tasty and if you have never tried it, follow this simple recipe and try to make this delicious Icy wind cake!

Ingredients for biscuit:

9 egg whites

300g sugar

1 table spoon apple vinegar


Whip the egg whites into a firm snow, add the sugar  and vinegar and mix well. Pour it in a floured and greased large pan.

ice wind cake biscuit

Bake in preheated oven for  at 180°C (356°F) for 15 minutes. The biscuit is finished when it starts to separate from the edges of the pan. Take the baked biscuit out from the oven and put it away to cool down. When the biscuit is cool cut it into 3 equal parts.

icy wind cake baked biscuit

Ingredients for the cream:

9 egg yolks

4 tablespoon of sugar

vanilla pudding powder

300ml of milk

2 tablespoon of vanilla extract

250g butter

500ml of heavy cream

1kg of strawberries


Mix egg yolks with the vanilla pudding powder, sugar, vanilla extract and 100ml of milk. Cook 200ml of milk and when it begins to boil remove it from the heat and  stir in it  mixture of the yolks and vanilla pudding powder.  Put it back on the heat and cook until you get a solid mixture.  When it is over put it away to cool down. When the mixture is completely cooled down mix the butter in it.

icy wind cake cream

Whip the heavy cream separately.

Cut the strawberries at slices.

Instructions for composition:

Take first part of the  biscuit and put  1/3 of the cream on it. Spread  strawberry slices and put  1/3 of the whipped cream all over the strawberries.

icy wind cake strawberries

Cover with second part of the biscuit and  again put on the cream, strawberries and whipped cream.  Cover with third part of biscuit and do the same process. Finally cover the entire cake with whipped cream. Decorate as you wish and serve well chilled.

icy wind cake sliced

Bon appetit!

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