How to make modeling chocolate

How to make modeling chocolate

If you like to decorate your cakes and you don’t like the taste of fondant or buttercream, then modeling chocolate must be your choice. Modeling chocolate or chocolate clay can be modeled the same way as fondant or buttercream but it taste like real chocolate. That taste of real chocolate is a huge advantage if you’re making cakes for kids because kids in general don’t like the taste of fondant. Modeling chocolate is easier to make than fondant or buttercream and I’ll show you how easy it really is. First of all, you need to know that there are two types of modeling chocolate, the one which is made with real chocolate and the one which is made with candy melts.

Ingredients for modeling chocolate:

Ingredients U.S. Metric Buy ingredients
Dark chocolate 7 oz 200 grams
Candy melts 8 oz 225 grams
Light corn syrup ¼ cup 60 ml


The procedure is basically the same with real chocolate and candy melts. The only difference is in the color of your modeling chocolate. The one with dark chocolate is brown and the one with white chocolate is normally white but white modeling chocolate can be colored with gel food colors. The advantage of candy melts is that they can be bought in various colors and you can make modeling chocolate in any color you want without coloring with gel food colors.

You can make modeling chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave and I’ll explain both methods. First I’ll explain the procedure using a double boiler. Melt the chocolate or candy melts in a double boiler or metal bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Slowly stir the chocolate/candy melts until all the chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Then remove from heat and stir until smooth and cooled a little bit, around 2-3 minutes. After that stir in the corn syrup. Don’t panic because the chocolate will stiffen almost immediately. Just slowly stir the mixture until completely combined. Transfer the chocolate to a sturdy plastic freezer bag and refrigerate for about 2 hours until the mixture is firm. When the dough is firm remove it from the refrigerator and knead it until it is soft enough to work with. If it is too hard then you need to cut off small pieces and knead until pliable. Grease the counter where you are working with oil so the chocolate won’t stick to the work surface. When the dough is pliable you can make modeled chocolate into whatever shape you want.

How to make modeling chocolate - procedure

The procedure in the microwave is maybe a little bit easier if you don’t have a double boiler. First melt the chocolate/candy melts in a microwave safe bowl in 30 second intervals on highest setting and stir between heating. Be careful not to overheat because overheating will quickly cause the chocolate to burn. The bowl should be almost cool to the touch. Also heat the corn syrup in a separate microwave-safe bowl on highest setting for about 45 seconds. Then pour the syrup into melted chocolate and stir with a rubber spatula until completely blended. Make sure the spatula and bowl are scraped clean of chocolate. If any chocolate hasn’t made contact with corn syrup, you will have lumps in your finished modeling chocolate. Do not over-mix. The over-mixing will cause pulling out too much cocoa butter (fat) from the chocolate. After you finished with mixing, the procedure is the same as above.
You can keep melted modeling chocolate well wrapped for months. If it gets hard to work with, knead in a little more corn syrup until it is pliable again. You will see that working with modeling chocolate is easy and fun. Also, there is no difference between modeling chocolate and fondant or buttercream, it only tastes better 😉

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For those who prefer video tutorials, you can see how to make modeling chocolate in the video below.

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