Roberts slices

roberts slices

This is one very delicious cake. I usually prepare it for Christmas or Easter. It is very easy to make  and the taste is so rich. Once you try to make this cake it will always be your first choice when you need to prepare something for special occasion.

Ingredients for biscuit:

10 egg whites

280g sugar

280g walnuts

2 table spoons of cocoa

2 tablespoons of flour

Ingredients for yellow cream:

400ml  milk

200g sugar

6 tablespoons of flour

6 yolks

250g butter

Ingredients for brown cream:

4 yolks

2 eggs

250g icing sugar

3 ribs of chocolate

250g butter



Mix egg whites with sugar until you get strong mixture (when you turn the bowl upside down egg whites must stay in it). Than slowly add walnuts, cocoa and flour while mixing manually. Pour it into the cake pan and bake on 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit) for 20 minutes. When it is done leave it to cool down.

roberts slices biscuit

Yellow cream:

Mix up 350ml of milk and 200g of sugar and cook that until it boils. Meanwhile mix up other ingredients with 50ml of milk to make a liquid mixture. When milk and sugar starts to boil, move it away from the fire and pour the rest of ingredients in it. Then take it back on the fire and cook it until you get solid cream. You must stir it lightly all the time. When the cream is cooled down mix 250g of butter in it.

roberts slices yellow cream

Brown cream:

Mix yolks, eggs and icing sugar on the steam until you get solid cream. When it is over put the chocolate in hot cream. When the cream is cooled down, mix 250g of butter in it.

roberts slices brown cream

First put brown cream on the biscuit. Put the yellow cream on the brown cream and on the top put the chocolate frosting.

 roberts slices with frosting

Chocolate frosting

100g chocolate

70g butter

3 tablespoon of milk

3 tablespoon of sugar

Melt down all ingredients on the steam and when the mixture is still warm pour it over the cake. Put the cake into the fridge for few hours and than cut the cake on small slices or cubes.

Bon appetit!

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