Snickers cake

snickers cake

Snickers cake is one fantastic cake with unique taste. It really feals like you are eating Snickers chocolate. Everybody will be delighted when they taste Snickers cake. This cake is easy to make and it is perfect for every occasion, so try to make it.

Ingredients for biscuits:

12 egg whites

450 g sugar

4 tablespoons of flour

450 g peanuts ( unsalted)


Take peanuts and bake them at 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit)  for 10 min (skip this step if you bought already roasted peanuts). When peanuts are toasted, grind them in a blender.

snickers cake peanuts

Mix 3 egg whites and slowly add 112g of sugar. Mix until you get a strong snow. Then add  one tablespoon of flour and 112g of grinded peanuts. Mix manually. Pour it in pan lined with parchment paper and bake at 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 min. You must bake 4 biscuit sheets.

snickers cake biscuits

When all 4 biscuit sheets are baked, put it away to cool down.

Ingredients for cream:

12 egg yolks

200g sugar

125g butter

100g dark chocolate

4 ( 50 g ) Snickers candy

100g milk chocolate


Mix yolks with sugar until you get a smooth mixture. Then put it on the fire and mix on steam. After about ten minutes of cooking, add butter sliced on cubes and dark chocolate broken into pieces.

snickers cake mixture

Mix until butter and dark  chocolate are completely melted. Then put it away to cool down. Meanwhile chop Snickers candies and milk chocolate into little pieces. When the cream is cooled down add pieces of snickers candy and milk chocolate in it with continuous mixing manually.

snickers candy adding chocolate

Take the first biscuit sheet and spread 1/3 of cream over it. Cover with second biscuit sheet and spread second 1/3 of cream over the second sheet. Finally put the third biscuit sheet and spread the last 1/3 of the cream over it. Cover with last biscuit sheet and decorate as you wish. I used fondant and fondant decorations.

snickers cake slice

Bon appetit!

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