Venus balls

venus balls

This gorgeous chocolate balls make you feel like you are goddess Venus. They are so tasty and they start to melt as soon as you put them in your mouth. I usually prepare this delicious balls for Christmas and they disappear in seconds. Venus balls are really simple to prepare, so why dont you try it?


300g  cookies or biscuits (with no filling such as digestive, marie, petit beurre, etc)

120g icing sugar

150g dark chocolate

300ml milk

2 table spoons of Rum

1 cup  of cherries from the brandy, drained ( place cherries in a small bowl, cover with brandy and refrigerate overnight. Before you use this cherries you must drain the brandy out of  them)


Put the cookies / biscuits in a sturdy bag and  crush them with a rolling pin.

venus balls

Mix the sugar and biscuits in the same bowl. Put the milk over a small flame on the stove and add dark chocolate. Stir  continuously until chocolate  is completely melted. Leave milk with chocolate to cool down for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes add Rum in milk and chocolate and pour over the mixture of biscuits and sugar. Mix manually until you get an uniform mixture.

Then wet your hands, take a piece of mixture, put one cherry from the brandy in the middle and  make a little ball. Repeat this  process until you use all the mixture. Optional balls can be rolled in chocolate chips or grated chocolate.

venus balls

Bon appetit!

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